HS001 URINALS: "Urinals" 4-track 7" ep, 1978  

HS002 URINALS: "Another EP" 4-track 7" ep, 1979   

HS003 URINALS: "Sex" / "Go Away Girl" 2-track, one-sided 7" single, 1979   

HS004 VARIOUS: "The Happy Squid Sampler" 5-track compilation 7", Side A features Urinals, Danny and the Doorknobs, Arrow Book Club, the Vidiots, and Phil Bedel. Side B (sponsored by The Centipede Foundation) featurs Neef's "Atrophy of the Sporting Spirit." 1980. Limited to an edition of 500 numbered copies.   

HS005 PHIL BEDEL: "Bells on Ice" / "A Bau A Qu" 2-track 7" ep, 1980.   HS006 BRENT WILCOX: "Leisure With Dignity" 2-track 7" ep, 1981.   

HS007 VARIOUS: "Keats Rides a Harley" 9-track 12" ep, featuring Earwigs, Toxic Shock, Tunneltones, S Squad, 100 Flowers, Human Hands, Meat Puppets, Gun Club, Leaving Trains, 1981.   

HS008 100 FLOWERS: "Presence of Mind" 3-track 7" ep, 1982.   

HS009 LEAVING TRAINS: "Bringing Down the House" / "Going Down to Town" 2-track 7" single, 1982.   

HS010 100 FLOWERS: "100 Flowers" 16-track 12" lp, 1983.   

HS011 ANGST: "Angst" 7-track 12" ep, 1983.   

HS012 100 FLOWERS: "Drawing Fire" 5-track 12" ep, 1984.   

HS013 GOD AND THE STATE: "Ruins: The Complete Works of God and the State" 10-track 12" lp, 1985. Limited to an edition of 1000 numbered copies.   

HS014 RADWASTE: "Cooking and Nothingness" 5-track 12 ep, 1986.   

HS015 THE RUB: "Bikini Gospel" 12-track 12" lp, 1987.   

HS016 STUKAS OVER BEDROCK: "The Age of Aquariums" 13-track lp, 1988   

HS017 100 FLOWERS: "Live at Club Lingerie" 15-track video   

HS018 RADWASTE: "Project Jolt" Full-length album, produced by Vitus Matare UNRELEASED  

HS019 THE RUB: "Day Off From Karma" Their 2nd album, produced by John Talley-Jones, 1999.  

HS020 URINALS: "Negative Capability: Check It Out!" A historical overview, released by Amphetamine Reptile, 1997, reissued by Warning Label Records, 2004  

HS021 TROTSKY ICEPICK / VENA CAVA: "(I'm) Stranded" / "This Perfect Day" 7" single (Calamari Sound), 1992   

HS022 VENA CAVA: "Desert Mercy" / "Garden" 7" single (Calamari Sound), 1993   

HS023 THE PUNDITS: "Snowed Me In" 7" ep (Calamari Sound), 1995   

HS024 THE RUB: "Bikini Gospel" CD with 5 bonus tracks, 2000  

HS025 URINALS: "What is Real and What is Not", Warning Label Records, 2003  

HS026 VARIOUS: "Keats Rides a Harley (Expanded)", Warning Label Records, 2005

HS027 URINALS: “Next Year at Marienbad”, 2015

HS028 100 FLOWERS: “Fascist Groove Thang” digital, Sept. 2017


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