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Happy Squid Records was formed by the three members of the Urinals in 1978 in order to release their initial recording, THE URINALS. The success of the project lead to two subsequent 7" releases by the band, followed by THE HAPPY SQUID SAMPLER, which was an attempt to broaden the roster of the label by including some of the band’s contemporaries.  

Over the years, HSR has released material by 100 FLOWERS, MEAT PUPPETS, HUMAN HANDS, LEAVING TRAINS, GUN CLUB, ANGST, THE RUB, STUKAS OVER BEDROCK, RADWASTE, GOD AND THE STATE, and other vital and worthy artists.   

In the early 1990s, HSR established a 7" label, CALAMARI SOUND, which released three discs in an attempt to preserve the aesthetic qualities of the format which had launched the label in the late 1970s.   

In the 2000s, Happy Squid collaborated with Warning Label Records on the Urinals CD "What is Real and What is Not," as well as a reissue of the anthology "Negative Capability ... Check It Out," and an expanded version of the 1981 ep "Keats Rides a Harley."

In 2013, Happy Squid anticipates the release of a new Urinals record (recorded, mixed, and mastered.) The 100 Flowers catalog is being reissued on vinyl, and the classic early-Urinals anthology NEGATIVE CAPABILITY has also just been released on vinyl.


9/28/17 - 100 FLOWERS has released its first new recording since the DRAWING FIRE EP in 1984. Its cover of HEAVEN 17’s (WE DON’T NEED THIS) FASCIST GROOVE THANG is available through BANDCAMP, CD BABY, iTUNES, GOOGLE MUSIC, SPOTIFY, RHAPSODY, YOUTUBE, TIDAL, and otheer digiral platforms.

3/22/17 - Happy Squid now has music on BANDCAMP. In addition to our digital back catalog, we will also be posting unreleased live and studio recordings from our artists and affiliated ones. New content to be released monthly.

6/27/16 - Making its digital download debut is the COOKING AND NOTHINGNESS EP by RADWASTE. You’ll find it online through the usual outlets (iTunes, Amazon Music, eMusic, Rhapsondy, etc.) and also directly through our distribution partner CD BABY.

5/23/16 - For the very first time, both albums by The Rub, BIKINI GOSPEL and DAY OFF FROM KARMA are now available as digital downloads, through the usual outlets (iTunes, Amazon Music, eMusic, Rhapsody, etc.) and from CD BABY.

1/6/15 - New URINALS to be released on 2/17/15.  Titled “Next Year at Marienbad,” it will be available on vinyl, CD, and as digital download (the CD can be purchased now - see our Catalog page for details…) Watch for the exclusive, blue-vinyl edition to be sold only through happysquid.com.

10/4/14 - For the very first time, the 100 FLOWERS album is available as a digital download, via CD BABY. Click on the link to view or purchase.

7/30/13 - Just out is the (long-awaited if I don't say so myself) 2xLP VINYL edition of NEGATIVE CAPABILITY, courtesy of IN THE RED RECORDS.  Order it on our Catalog page...

7/30/13 - To celebrate the vinyl reissues of the 100 FLOWERS catalog this year, the band (which is coincidentally the same lineup as the original URINALS) has reformed and is playing a handful of shows through the end of the year.  Please see the URINALS Facebook page for details.

3/7/13 - 2013 will be a busy reissue year for the us, with a variety of early recordings being rereleased to vinyl.  First up: on March 19, Superior Viaduct will issue the original 16-track 100 FLOWERS LP in the 12" format - order it HERE. As more release dates are confirmed, we'll post the info here.


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